Nick's Indigo Plugins

Plugins to extend the Indigo home automation system.

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I’ve written these plugins to extend the Indigo Domotics Indigo Mac home automation application to support a number of different external devices and services. Indigo Domotics now provide a Plugin Store to collate all of the publically available plugins: these all appear in the store.


The IP9258 plugin adds support for the AVIOSYS IP9258 4 outlet Ethernet power distribution switch.


The NetworkOwl plugin reads electricity consumption & solar generation data from a NetworkOwl device & makes it available to Indigo.

Eversolar Monitor

The Eversolar Monitor Indigo plugin connects to a local Eversolar Monitor solar PV interface application & reads electricity generation information into Indigo for use by other Indigo scripts.

Coming soon

More of my plugins being added to the plugin store soon:

  • Hive
  • Alexa